Student Focus
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Student Focus

In the end, everything ACC does must be about the student.

ACC admits in its strategic plan that it lags behind other states and the nation in terms of student completion. To foster student success, ACC must tackle many diverse issues such as academic excellence, credit transfer, financial aid, transportation, child care, and cost of attendance.

Lora brings a proven track record in advocating and finding solutions for critical higher education issues such as these.

Community Partnership

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ACC’s success relies on community collaboration.

ACC must lead the way in meeting the community’s need for a well-trained workforce, whether for small businesses, giant corporations, service organizations, non-profits, or the self-employed. On the flip side, ACC must leverage essential services the community can provide to meet student needs through such things as internships, service-learning, transportation, financial aid, and social services.

Lora is accomplished at achieving organizational and community goals through and with others – employers, employees, special interest groups, governing boards, legislators, and other stakeholders.


Web Innovation Lora Weber for Austin Community College Board of Trustees Place 9 AdobeStock_104337731Innovation

Embracing transformation matters.

ACC cannot meet the challenges ahead without constant innovation. Recently, Lora chaired the Round Rock Chamber as the organization transformed itself. Someone remarked to her that, “this isn’t our grandfather’s chamber anymore.” ACC isn’t our grandfather’s college anymore, either. Change is not easy, and it requires both introspection and boldness.

Lora successfully acts as a thoughtful change-agent.

Responsible Governance

Responsible Governance Lora Weber for ACC Board of Trustees Place 9 AdobeStock_46476776Responsible Governance

Good governance fortifies great organizations.

For ACC to succeed, its finances, policies, staffing, planning, and relationships must align with its goals. If trustees do nothing else, they owe it to taxpayers and students to provide effective, efficient, and ethical oversight of everything ACC undertakes.

As a leader in service organizations with large, complex operations, Lora has the ability to immediately understand and meet this requirement for ACC.


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